Dalhousie Business Park, Unit 7a 4, Carrington Rd, Bonnyrigg EH19 3HY
Monday - Friday 7AM - 5.00PM
Dalhousie Business Park, Unit 7a 4, Carrington Rd, Bonnyrigg EH19 3HY
Monday - Friday 7AM - 5.00PM

Terms & Conditions

[1]  E.I.C.R.

[2] Portable Appliance Test

[3] Emergency Light Test

Will only be sent once the Invoice has been paid in full.

We/our refers to Boyter Electrical Services Limited.

 BES will warrant any new/altered circuits by ourselves. The existing electrical installation will not be covered. If there are any repairs required to this we will notify the customer and will be charged an additional price

BES Ltd will make every effort to protect your home from dust and mess, however, due to the nature of our work, it’s inevitable that there will be some residual cleaning required by the homeowner.

If your property is rented, it’s your responsibility to make your tenants aware of the scope of works you have instructed and, if required, organize any additional cleaning of the property.

It’s the home owner’s responsibility to protect carpets and soft furnishings; we will protect the protection that you have laid in preparation for us.

 All areas of access must be clear; it’s not our responsibility to clear areas of personal belongings, if we do so it’s at your own risk

 We do not lift carpets or line. If we do, it’s taken up and laid down at your own risk, BES Ltd., take no responsibility for this.

 We would advise that it’s the home owner’s responsibility to remove any valuable or breakable items from areas of our work, including protecting work area and furniture.

 A missed appointment fee of £30.00 + vat will be chargeable if a service visit or call out is missed.

 If we are called out to a warrant call – on parts out in our 12 month period and there is no fault or the fault has been caused by others, we will charge our standard call out charge.

 We take no responsibility for any additional plasterwork or painting that is required after our installation unless otherwise stated in our written quote

 We take no responsibility for the lifting and reinstatement of laminate flooring and carpets. These should be removed and reinstated by a professional. Carpets will be laid back down by us in the best possible manner if requested

 Where a property has sanded floors or the floorboards of the property is the finished floor covering, we will make every effort to lift floorboards with care, any damages to these floorboards will not be covered by BES Ltd. unless otherwise stated in our written quote.

 Our guarantee covers our workmanship for 13 months, products supplied by us are guaranteed by the manufacturer and the appropriate guarantee will apply and any repairs required will be carried out by the manufacturers.

 Should we require access to an area of the property that is not accessible e.g. a plasterboard ceiling, we will take no responsibility for re-instating this unless otherwise detailed in our written quote

 Should you require a call out to a fault under warranty and no fault found, our standard call out charge will apply.

 We take no responsibility for re-instating fixtures and fittings that need to be removed unless otherwise detailed in our written Quote

Any additional works must be quoted for in wiring before they can be actioned.

 Any additional works requested once the job has been started can’t be approved by operatives on site; this must come in writing from the office. Otherwise, the works undertaken will be done soon an estimated basis, not a quote

If floorboards are found to be too damaged to be re-laid, we will take no responsibility for providing a joiner, unless otherwise detailed in a written Quote

 We take no responsibility for the reinstatement of kitchen units and fitted fixtures unless otherwise detailed in our written Quote.

We do not offer compensation for engineers arriving late on site.

Our engineers have the right to work in comfort. Please, where possible, allow them room to work e.g. do not stand over their shoulder or follow them around the property.

Where required, as per our risk assessment, the engineer may designate you a safe room in your home for your own safety.

 Our engineers have the right to decline to work, without warning, where aggressive or intimidating behaviour is encountered from customers.

 As per our unacceptable behaviour policy, our staff have the right to decline to speak to you further, if your attitude is treating or aggressive.

[26] We can’t be responsible for material’s supplied by the customer. ie., if these are deemed to be faulty there will be a charge at the standard hourly rate.

 Unless otherwise stated in writing all our prices are plus VAT at the current rate.

 It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure that our engineers have the required access e.g.through a neighbour’s garden or by unlocking doors.

It’s the home owner’s responsibility to clear all areas where our operatives need to work. This includes attics and cupboards

 At the completion of every job, someone designated as the responsible person or the bill payer must be on site to sign off the completed works – without exception.

 The making good of holes where redundant cables or controls existed is not our responsibility unless otherwise detailed in writing.

 Any subsequent joinery or building work required after our installation is not our responsibility, unless detailed in a written quote.

 Electrical Services relating to your property may intrude on another premise’s or neighbour’s dwelling, it’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate permissions have been sought.

 If any kind of government-funded cashback voucher is used to pay for all or some of the installation cost, it’s the client’s responsibility to ensure that they have the appropriate funds in place to pay our invoice on completion of works. It’s also the home owner’s responsibility to ensure they have all the correct paperwork and surveys in place in order to obtain their grant.

 Where we have to remove redundant items from your home we take no responsibility for the making good of décor or holes left in walls, unless stated in our written Quote

 We do not offer any kind of compensation for jobs over running the job time stated.

 Where a customer changes the job spec, or adds on additional works, the customer should seek clarification that this will not delay the works on the property.

 We have the right to charge for additional labour or losses where customer supplied items are not available to us when we need them

Interest will be charged on late payments

It’s the home owner’s responsibility to ensure that their property has been maintained in good order to ensure our engineers can work safely and gain access to areas or items in your property without causing damage to items in your property.

Where fixtures and fittings in your property are old or in a frail state we can’t be held responsible if these are damaged or broken where it’s clear our engineer have taken due diligence beforehand.

It’s not our engineer’s responsibility to move items of furniture, washing machine, fridges etc.,
If our staff to move these items, it’s at the homeowner’s risk, we will not cover any damage to these items or the floor covering.

 Filming, photographing or video and voice recording or our engineer in your property without prior informing our staff is against the law, and any situation will be dealt with appropriate, including or staff stopping work immediately if they feel threatened or violated.

Parking Fees any Parking fee incurred are due to be paid by the client.