We appreciate that each landscape, whether domestic or commercial, is unique and requires close attention to detail to ensure the vision is achieved.  Good design, great lighting, safe and energy efficient.

We’re experienced working with directly with customers, with professional garden designers, landscapers or commercial organisations.  Our total objective is to deliver the best possible outdoor lighting solution to suit the budget.

The typical high level process for the more complex designs is

1. Discuss and establish your lighting needs and preferences.  If required a site visit can be arranged (anywhere in the UK).

2. Provide a list of steps to move your project forward.

3. If you choose to proceed, we’ll produce a comprehensive lighting plan to help illustrate the lighting solution. The plan will be accompanied with a full list of specified products and costs. (Should you require, we can provide you with some simple visual graphics to reinforce the lighting design concept.)

4. At this point discuss any feedback, criticism and any necessary revisions. If a further repeat visit is required this can be arranged.

5. Once the final garden lighting design has been approved and you’re satisfied with the proposal we’ll let you know precisely what products are specified (light fittings, cables, connectors, timers etc) together with the costs of purchase and any installation fees.