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Dalhousie Business Park, Unit 7a 4, Carrington Rd, Bonnyrigg EH19 3HY
Monday - Friday 7AM - 5.00PM

Lighting is often the largest component of your electricity bill by a large margin. Here’s part of a commercial example showing you how you can achieve a sizable 67% saving on your lighting, that it pays for itself. For the example we’ll assume that a premises uses 100 of each.

100 x 72w Florescent 600×600 1-2 Year Lamp Life Cost to run over ten years £48,493.27 The cost of not upgrading each month-£281.25

100 x 30w LED Panel Light 10 Year Life Cost to run over ten years £15,796.28 Saving over ten years £32,697.00 Based on an aspect of a previous project, Day cost £0.1116 p/KWh, Night cost £0.0792 p/KWh, Maintenance Per Year £3,000, Operating 24/7 350 days per year.

Factor Lighting Emergency Repairs EV car charger installation Data Points/cabinets and wireless access points

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• At AN Electrics, we provide the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV security systems for residential and commercial premises at a competitive price. We provide a wide range of security cameras for homes, shops, offices, warehouses and small businesses.
• CCTV systems are an effective crime deterrent and can provide recorded video footage as evidence for post event analysis. With real time remote monitoring of your CCTV system, you can rest easy knowing your home/business is protected

Security Alarms

• We supply and install state of the art Ajax alarm systems. Our Ajax alarm kit is wireless, making it a much cheaper alternative to traditional hard-wired alarm systems. This is because they require less installation time, without the need for cables from device to device. In this way, you can benefit from a smarter appearance due to not having cables running around your property.

• Although the ajax alarm system is described as wireless, it is not entirely wireless. The “HUB” that controls the system does require a live 240v power feed. The accompanying devices such as PIR sensors, PIR cameras, external PIRs, Door protects, Keypads, Sirens, Remote controls, and Panic buttons all connect wirelessly to the HUB.

Battery-powered devices have an average lifespan of up to 7 years before battery replacement is required.

The HUB will connect to the Ajax alarm server for configuration and/or monitoring with multiple transmission channels, depending on which HUB model you choose. Our HUB 2 Plus has connectivity for GSM sim cards, WiFi, or LAN (Local Area Network), which we recommend, and more enhanced software for improved capabilities and connection.

Once set up, the Ajax alarm system can be fully controlled via your smartphone, and it will also send alarm activations and updates directly to your phone. Another benefit is that it also keeps a complete log of all the activity recorded by the alarm devices. Not only this, if you wish, we can keep your system registered on our Ajax installer system which can allow us to remotely access and configure the system to reduce possible engineer callouts to adjust devices.